Never Enough Time

When Hubby and I were globetrotting in our younger days, we never had a lack of time to do whatever we wanted to do, including running a successful travel blog and a photography business.

Now we’re in Arizona with a mortgage, kiddo, dogs-did I mention chickens? We have those too. And we’re happy, working, going to school and running this new website-and there’s never ANY time for any of it.

I used to look at adults with jobs and kids and side hustles and wondered HOW in the world they found time for all of that. They must have wisdom, or a nanny, or really great wine on tap 24/7.

And they don’t. Because I am living it in this moment, and I don’t have enough time. Somehow it gets done at weird times.


Right now it’s Saturday afternoon. We all have the flu. I am writing this blog post on my phone sitting on my son’s bathroom floor, drinking coffee. I may or may not be using the closed toilet lid as a coffee table. My son, who also has the flu, is in the tub three hours early eating a popsicle because-well, you know. Survival. He’s told me he loves me eight times in six minutes. Obviously, the popsicle was a parenting win. Which will hopefully make up for six hours ago when he and I both had a pre-nap meltdown. It cancels each other out, right?

Later I am going to, somehow, make toast and scrambled eggs for dinner, which isn’t a great dinner but my son won’t eat it anyway- because he is eating a popsicle.

20171104_165336There’s never enough time, friends, to start a business, go to school, have a kid. Never, ever. I look like ‘the hot mess express’ sitting on this floor (see photo) but I’m doing it. We’re doing it! Us and our popsicles.


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