New Year… New You… New BS!

2018 is quickly approaching, somewhere between Christmas and New Year you’re expected to make a statement that you’ll become a better person the following year. It’s some long held belief that the start of a new year should be also the start of a new you but who the hell are we kidding, if we wanted to be better why not start today, what was wrong with yesterday, or the day before that?! I was an arse yesterday….. I’ll probably be one tomorrow too!


And between now and then there seems to be a grace period, eat and drink whatever you want, say what really comes with a reduced filter and somehow when the 1st rolls around you’ll say you’ll be a better person and it’s all good… in your eyes at least!

Honestly I’ve made a few resolutions in my time, I gave up soft drink one year, eating pies another (both because someone said I couldn’t), promised I’d give up smoking another (failed on the last one) and none of them made me a better person, I could have said and done any of those at any time…. I could have failed at them anytime I wanted too!

This year will it be being more active, eating less, losing weight, being a nicer person, giving up smoking and what is it with most of them being food based? I love bacon, I’m not giving it up for me, you or anyone else including 2018. I’m not becoming a vegetarian, I’m not going vegan, I’m not jumping on the Keto wagon, I wont give up bread or anything else I enjoy….. I’d rather be happy in 2018 than miserable, did I tell you I’m not giving up bacon?!!!


Maybe the idea is to make up some ridiculous statement knowing you’ll never keep it. Maybe being a better you in 2018 isn’t all it’s supposed to be, what’s so wrong with you and me right now, if something was really wrong why didn’t we change yesterday?


My son is 4, does he need a resolution, does he need to buckle down and be a better person in 2018….. or does he have a grace period before the world expects he too become a better person with every passing year?

So on the 31st with my drink and bacon in hand I’m sure I’ll make some resolution hoping to become a better person in 2018, tomorrow I will be better and it’ll be a better day! Keep telling yourself that!!!

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