And the world hasn’t ended!

The world hasn’t ended, in fact it hasn’t even come close.

I haven’t given up alcohol, chocolate or bread!

Did I tell you the world hasn’t come to an end?!

My wife has joined the gym and my dad-bod is developing nicely!

I’ve started meal planning so that she has healthy food to eat at work. Meanwhile I eat whatever I can find and whatever my 4 year old has left me!


This week more healthy meals are planned and the goal is to find healthy snacks as well.

Goals are one thing but realistically I can see a few chips in my future too!

The good news is I found 5 low calorie alcoholic drinks last night after a few non low calorie drinks!

  1. Vodka mixed with a low calorie mix….. seltzer vs sugary tonic water
  2. Champagne, you’ll also weigh less after you’ve sold you kidney to pay for it!
  3. Scotch/Whiskey and diet coke…… or you could just drink it straight or with a dash of water…. we all want to stay hydrated now!
  4. Tequila because you can drink that straight, some lime and salt and you’re half way to bad decisions already.
  5. Martini…. before we all go into the debate of gin vs vodka, there isn’t one, it’s gin and vermouth or nothing, the alternative is just a poor attempt at something else!

PS I could really go for a cheeseburger right about now!

And the world hasn’t ended!

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