Look I’m trying really hard to eat the right kinds of foods in 2018, and when my son picks up a case of donuts from the supermarket it makes it even more difficult!

Luckily for him he’s cute and can get away with eating donuts every now and then, I just watched him eat them and and a little bit of my soul left me!

I got my own back yesterday though when we had lentil and coconut soup for dinner and he ate it like he’d never been fed before!

So today on the search for all things good and still relatively healthy I came across a recipe for Avocado Brownie. As a family we’ve eaten it before but this time I made it because it’s a healthy alternative and not just because!

avo brownieb

My 4 year old son helped measure out the ingredients so give or take a little of everything is OK, it’s forgiving and apparently tasting the recipe along the way is also needed! Just put it in a mixer and then in the oven and that’s all there is to it!

Compared to my favorite box mix which works out about 260+ calories a slice, these work out about 118 calories (if there are 12 slices). Super moist (you either love or hate that word!) and chocolate and coconut throughout!

I’m really not trying to count calories although my math brain finds it hard at times. I’m just trying to make sure my family eats healthy without giving up all the things we love to eat!

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