Over the last few weeks we’ve really changed the way we’ve eaten…. nothing drastic just less processed food, sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and replaced it with more vegetables and exercise and once a week we throw in a ‘cheat meal.’

Yes we’ve lost weight and honestly we both feel better for it. This isn’t meant to be a short term diet or a fad, this is us changing our lifestyle.

And today was our cheat day! We had loaded fries, covered in meat (we decided on Bison), cheese, sour cream and salsa. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!



OMG we feel bad…not so much bad for eating it, no realistically we felt sick!

What did we do to ourselves, what have we become? Have we become ‘those’ sort of people?

I guess our cheat days will have to be modified…. tomorrow we are planning on some juice, some detox soup and then fresh tacos for dinner because who are we kidding, we just can’t do the whole fatty food, diary full, carbohydrate packed cheat day again!

OMG what has happened?

It’s a journey…. no one said it would be easy and if they did they were a lying bugger!

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