Ever have one of those days were you just look around and say “F*** IT” and wonder how it makes the world any better when you see people just straight out lying through their teeth, just make up a new story, it’ll be OK. Honestly you’re not fooling anyone and if you are then they’re more stupid than you!

Where does this come from, is it a lack of confidence, a hope that others will like you, are you hiding a body somewhere? Maybe you just want an excuse for failing.

Maybe you just think you’re really more than you are….. don’t like how someone else is succeeding and you’re still living in the ditch?…. that sounds like a personal problem!…. you’re not getting a gold star for doing nothing!


I didn’t really eat half a cake, this will make you amazing, you don’t look fat in those pants, this diet is the best, I’m never eating bread again…… too far?

Get your shit together and just be honest about it, or maybe just shut up about it!

I think I need more coffee….. it’s too early for wine!

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