Maricopa COLOR RUN

We checked three times and I still can’t believe I ran that 5k in 37 minutes and 58 seconds. I ran as fast as I could. I passed people for God’s sake. Me.

And I shared today with the two people I love most. And one very fit lady patted me on the arm and told me “You are amazing doing this so fast!”. Who would have thought, at 31, I would wake up one day and decide to become more than what I was.So this photo, purple teeth and all, is my favorite photo of me ever. Half dead and resilient as hell.

Today, I was a badass runner. Totally addicted to this sport that has saved my life.

Maricopa color run

The Maricopa Color Run usually happens in late February and of course with anything there are things that could be better, but for a small town event it is a great chance to get out and exercise.


Exercise…. can’t go wrong there!

Low Key, there are runners and walkers of all types and levels.


There is A LOT of paint (expect to get it in your face, A LOT of it!) The official site says  “As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our “certified” color throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by.” Don’t believe it!

For $25 registration there is no medal or T-shirt at the end but you’ll get a pack of color paint, bandanna, glasses and race bib.


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