I watch my friends…. I watch people I know just be…. one day and then the next just going through the paces of being. I wonder what the hell are you doing?

Of course I don’t say anything…. no one wants to be that condescending prick and really that’s all I’m being. Even now!

Don’t you have bigger dreams or goals. Making it through to the end of the weekend so that you can forget about the week and work for a few moments doesn’t count either.

I just want to slap some people and hopefully they’ll wake up.

Just as bad is the people who live like there is no tomorrow or who act like they are king or queen of the world… those people need a bigger slap! Maybe with a chair! In the side of the head!!!


Realistically what does it matter, who gives a shit? As long as they stay out of my way what difference does it make?

I have no right to judge you and you have no right to judge me.

That’s easy right. But deep down you and I both know we’ll keep on judging each other!


That’s human nature right?!

You’re judging me right now for writing this….. aren’t you?!

Don’t worry I’m judging you too!!!!

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