Let’s be real for a moment, not every moment in life is going to be a good one, there’s going to be weeks or moments that you’d rather forget but those are the ones that make you stronger…. or don’t kill you….. or something like that!

Have I told you how much I’ve drunk the previous week or how tonight we went out and bought more wine and gin (it’s only Monday)! I’m thinking we either need to take out shares in a brewery, install a martini bar or just say goodbye to our already over-worked livers!!!!

Without going into extreme details let’s just say we played a game the last couple of weeks but didn’t know the actual rules, now apply that to your job on an extreme level and you’ve got the general idea. Gold stars are a gift for some, not us it seems but for some yes. I call this the OPRAH syndrome!

So looking forward where do we go from here? I have a few drinks and move on. I could scream and shout but that isn’t going to help anyone and I’m probably only going to end up in a white straight jacket. Instead I’m going to focus on what I can do and not what I can’t!


What’s the hardest part? Trying to explain to others why it just didn’t work out… it was out of my hands and in the end it seems I was playing a game I just couldn’t win! Next time though I’ll be ready, I’ll be better and I’ll need less wine…. who am I kidding I’ll have a few drinks no matter what!

OMG this is why you don’t steal memes off the internet the spelling…. OMG the spelling!!!!

If you’ve ever had a ‘crap’ experience (let’s not mince words) I’d love to hear from you…. we can laugh together!

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