Tonight is my son’s last night of tumbling. I’m not sure he realizes it yet but we (as parents) made the decision last week for a number of reasons.

1. The price (about $50 a month) just gets hard to pay for when you’re a one income family, especially when the cost of power because of AC is going to triple or quadruple for the next few months.

2. He just hasn’t made any friends. It’s mainly a girls sport it seems and while my son is totally outgoing the other girls in his class and the one other boy who would turn up are into their own thing.

3. Looking forward most competitions and classes we’ve seen are girls…. Some because they are limited to it in the rules. It is 2018 but maybe that doesn’t count or maybe tumbling is just an old school sport, maybe it’s just here…. Whatever the reason there just doesn’t seem to be a future for him.

4. Who the HELL has a class for little kids every Friday at 5:30…. No one really wants to be driving on a Friday unless they are going home ans the crazies on the road each Friday are obviously not going to tumbling, they are heades home for wine!

AND so we weighed up these reasons with the absolute fun and amazing skills he’s learned as well as having the opportunity to be around other kids (both older and younger) in a controlled environment.

We’ll never be able to show our appreciation for everything he’s learned but the time has come to walk away.

Actually I’m going to drive home and pour myself some wine just like all those other parents!

If he was a girl I think we would have stayed….. Can I even say that in 2018?!

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