Review-Sweet Loren’s Cookies

Our son Elmo is an adventurous eater.

He is the kid who reaches for salad, who politely turns down fast food and earlier this year went to a birthday party and wasn’t sure what a sheet cake was-and then told me a few days later that frosting freaks him out.

If you have been a parent for, oh, 3 seconds you will have heard the debate-is it nature that created our kid’s palate for all things vegan, gluten-free and wholesome? Or was it specific choices my husband and I made that molded our little sous chef. We may or may not have made our own baby food and he was eating spicy curries and pho from the time he was about 7 months old.

Since he was a little guy, he always gravitated towards gardens, veggies and all things “dinosaurs like to eat”.

Luckily for Elmo, his Daddy is an amazing baker and since we all started doing this lifestyle change there is a plethora of yummy, plant-based snacks in our house. But sometimes Elmo’s Daddy deserves some down time from all that baking-it’s a lot of work making it all from scratch! And Elmo’s Mummy is, how should I say this-completely f&^%ed in the kitchen. I really am. I am a lousy cook.

So when I found this vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO break & bake cookies made by Sweet Loren’s this weekend I figured it was worth a go. Elmo was a bit skeptical about “Mummy baking”, and the cashier was a bit befuddled that a cookie could be without 10 tons of crap….but we were enthusiastic!

All the yummy with all the health-we have a winner! And Hubby and I enjoyed them with coffee-because adulting is hard.

These cookies are awesome, and will be my go-to at the holidays and when I am dying to go from LadyBoss Mummy to Domestic Mummy. Who cares if it’s cheating-kiddo loved them. 120 calories means we can have one (or two) without feeling like we blew our whole day. Winners all the way around!

Elmo had afternoon tea with his new cookies, green apples and his favorite nut (lol) of walnuts. OMG the food rush afterwards though-I feared lives would be lost.

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