InstaGRAM DOWN – 10 things YOU CAN DO!

Starting yesterday my Instagram went down, millions of others had theirs stopped too!

I first blamed my other half….. ‘did you change the password?’ ‘did you post something you shouldn’t?’ So trusting…. I poured myself another drink and tried again…. like that was going to help!

After a quick search it seems I’m not alone, apparently there were a lot of other people also having a quiet drink and looking for answers!

So my tips are:

  1. Keep on trying… if you bash your head against something enough sooner or later something will happen.
  2. Pour yourself another drink….it’ll either work or you’ll forget.
  3. Search the multiple forums about it on the internet, maybe a geek somewhere knows how to fix it.
  4. Reinstall and then uninstall and then reinstall the app again.
  5. Try another app like Twitter, we all know those people are sane…..
  6. Put your phone down…… you can’t be an IG model today!
  7. I read that some people are getting on IG in some countries, so a plane ticket it is!
  8. Call everyone you know (wait text them) and see if everyone you know is also dying inside and storing selfies like a squirrel stores nuts just before winter.
  9. Wait…. you’re a little fish in a VERY big pond….. IG doesn’t care and there’s probably nothing you can do!
  10. ….


Was I really going to write 10 because I’ve only got 9 probably because I couldn’t get onto IG and find what other people were doing!

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