LadyBoss on a Budget: Motivation

When I became a boss I wanted to inspire tomorrow’s leaders and help business professionals chase their dreams, slay dragons and embrace their most authentic selves. I remember, naively, researching how to be a proper #LadyBoss and lead happy, productive teams.

Funny thing about the majority of the blogs, websites and books written by #LadyBosses-they have established themselves financially where they can drop $400 on a suit or spring for team outings and lunches and for 10 people-and then can say that passion creates strong teams.

If I have realized 1 thing about fostering strong teams of engaged people-it’s to let them know you care. Caring does not equal being a doormat. Caring means holding accountable. Seeing the good in others, even when they can’t see it themselves. Caring doesn’t have to mean expensive trinkets or flash footwear. It means passing an employee a coffee satchel and a pun on a post-it.

Shine on, LadyBoss.

Make every day a brewtiful day.

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