dEVIL diet!!!

Why do people diet? What are they looking for? Is it meant to be some miracle cure for all the bad things they’ve done in the past? And if it really is why aren’t there more miracles and why do I have to exercise so much? Surely there’s one out there that can help my obsession with watching Netflix and Chilling and not looking like a potato! Where are you Netflix Diet? <——- this would sell!

Now if you’ve read some of our other entries or follow us on IG you’ll know we’ve lost well over 100lbs between us (in 2018) and a little bit of our sanity as well. Although the sanity may have been leaving on it’s own accord!

There’s no secret to what or how we have done it. No magical wraps, pills or shakes and we haven’t given up alcohol or coffee either. What we have done it eat less, better, cleaner meals, tried to exercise more and in the process we’ve lost weight and feel better!

So why in all things that are rational and good are we going to try the DEVIL’S DIET? Remember when I told you we still drink? Well we might have decided over a few gins a week ago that we should try it for giggles….. because why not and at the time it seemed like a good idea and now we’ve gone down that rabbit hole there is no turning back!

And it’s only 5 days!


  • Fruits all day. It’s going to clean you out for sure… I have no doubt about it. We even bought extra toilet paper in anticipation! Is this part of a detox or a diet? I’ve read from other people that sticking to low calorie and high water content fruits like melons is a good idea on this day.
  • Vegetables and a potato. So vegetables are good for you or so I’ve been led to believe but all day, yeah I better feel 10 years younger after Tuesday. That potato I’m guessing is for a few carbs, I’d like it covered in butter and sour cream but I’m guessing that’s not going to happen.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: This just sounds like someone got Monday and Tuesday and threw them in a blender and made Wednesday. Note to self do not put all the vegetables and fruits in a blender. I’m guessing that spices (those are allowed aren’t they) are going to the key here, that and not thinking about a nice slice of toast or a few cookies!
  • Miracle Soup: 2-3 onions, cabbage, 1 green pepper, 5-6 celery sticks, 2 cans of tomatoes and 2 cubes beef stock. This is what you get to eat all day….. all day people…… all day Miracle Soup? Who named it that? What is the miracle?
  • Fowl and Tomatoes: Chicken, turkey, eggs and tomatoes. Honestly I’m looking forward to this day and not just because it’s the end but because I can eat my weight in chicken any day of the week, we also have chickens so eggs will be aplenty too. Which one I eat first will decide the long debated question of what came first! And then there’s those tomatoes, why tomatoes? What’s so amazing about tomatoes? A quick search says they are full of vitamins, help with anti-aging and inflammation so they must be good for you. But why just tomatoes….who makes up these things?

So what are we expecting? Some life changing experience? To drop pounds? For it to be sustainable? For it to be easy? That would be a big bad old NO on some of those! On some level at least! What we are expecting is to be hungry, probably grumpy and using the bathroom a lot! Tell me again why we are doing this?!

Sometimes we need to push ourselves, sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone…. sometimes we just have to make bad decisions and learn from them!

Every day we’ll update how it’s going….. it’s an adventure…. or a learning experience! Maybe we shouldn’t make plans while drinking gin?!

*we will also be giving up any alcohol during these 5 days….. but not coffee (black) because….. we will literally kill someone!* Being hungry and adventurous is one thing… being homicidal is something else!

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