dEVIL’s DIET (day one)

And so it starts…. someone tell me why this was a good idea? I’m honestly still second guessing myself!

We stocked up on a variety of fruit, not really knowing how much we would eat, we probably bought too much.

Monday morning came and all I wanted was my toast and marmalade, I had half a pineapple, a quarter cup of blueberries with some Mexican seasoning instead. And so the adventure started!

The fruit varieties between my wife and myself went something like this: avocados, crasins, figs, apples, pineapple, cantalope, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, mini oranges and olives.

I worked out as normal, a mix of boxing and cross training for about 40 minutes and didn’t drop dead so it was a win so far…. by lunchtime the story was starting to change!

Hungry…. so hungry, a mini orange, an apple and two avocados later nothing had really changed except I felt bloated. After deciding to mow the yard and clean the pool nothing had changed  on that front except now I had to use the toilet and now and that was only the start it seemed. If it goes in….. it’s got to come out! AND IT DOES!!!!


The rest of the day… more fruit, more bloating and it seemed more trips to the toilet! How many times can a person go during the day? Lots of water and lots of fruit and lots of trips to the toilet!

I’m sure that by the time my wife got home from work and the realization she couldn’t have a glass of wine set in she was ready to give up. Props to her she didn’t. She just ate some more fruit and went to the toilet.

Calorie wise we were worried that we would far exceed the 2000-2500 calories a person needs a day. By the end of the day and after stuffing our faces for what seemed all day I had consumed around 1500 calories and my wife about 1000 calories and we ate A LOT of fruit!


  • Eat a variety of fruit
  • Drink lots of water
  • Stock up on toilet paper
  • Toilet humor is your friend on day 1!

*We did weigh ourselves before we started this and will again at the end…. you probably guessed we lost some weight.*

Tomorrow is vegetable day…….. VEGETABLE DAY……ALL DAY!!!

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