dEVIL’s DIET (day two)

Vegetables all day…. how hard can it be? Vegetarians do it all the time! And so I looked up the top 10 vegetarian recipes….. and NOT ONE fits into the DEVIL’S DIET for today…. or tomorrow and that’s a mixture of fruit and vegetables. So scratch that idea.

The day started with carrots… I ate carrots for breakfast and a snack during the day. That was the first wake up call that today wasn’t going to be all that fun.

I’d read that I was meant to limit my exercise but still did my 40 minutes of cross training and didn’t die. A headache followed me around all day after that. That was fun, maybe eating vegetables would help… yeah it didn’t!

Lunch was a simple vegetable soup which I blended with Mexican spices, and finished off with Jalapenos and rice…. (of course the rice was cauliflower rice). Warm food was my friend today, I hadn’t really noticed how much I’d missed it yesterday. It was OK but missing some grains, some sour cream or something other than a vegetable. Maybe a lunchtime beer would of helped…. but of course there’s no alcohol this week either!

By afternoon I was starving. Some steamed cauliflower was on the menu….



I cooked up a simple curry (minus all the good things like chickpeas, rice, yogurt, tomatoes, cream and naan…. oh naan my friend I do miss you! Did you know that curry minus all the really good stuff is just vegetables in spices, calling it curry is an overestimation on a grand scale and I LOVE CURRY! I ate half of it and gave up and I was hungry!

Luckily today allowed for a potato….. a single glorious potato! I made a vegetable soup, added a cut up potato and added a 1/4 cup of kimchi. It was something, it was food.


I was hungry and bored on day two. Vegetables are ok and I like them but all alone they aren’t fun, they aren’t exciting and I went to bed early…. I went to bed early and hungry!

Here’s a link to DAY ONE of the DEVIL’S DIET if you’ve missed it!


  • Remember soup may be your friend today
  • No oil should be used cooking vegetables
  • Don’t give up, tomorrow you get fruit and vegetables
  • From everything I’ve read a headache is normal on a cleanse
  • Drink water (we are averaging 10-12 16oz bottles of water a day

TOMORROW is fruit and vegetable day….. FRUITS AND VEGETABLE DAY…… ALL DAY!


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