dEVIL’s DIET (day four)

Miracle Soup day is finally here. Who in their right mind thought that was a good name for what is basically a beef and vegetable (mostly cabbage) soup? Where’s the miracle? Am I missing something?


1 cabbage, 2 peppers, 2 onions, 6 celery stalks, 2 beef cubes, 1 jalapeno, 2 cans of tomatoes, 2 low sodium beef cubes. About 10-12 cups of water.


Boil all the ingredients together. Blend or don’t. (we didn’t because we needed to feel like we were actually eating). Divide into 2 cup portions.

Again I started out with my cross-fit and boxing routine (about 40 minutes), it was a little bit of a daze today. The focus of day 3 was gone. It fled. It left in a hurry! And it wasn’t coming back. COME BACK I SAY! It didn’t.

There’s nothing like having soup for breakfast, nothing like Miracle Soup for breakfast….. and lunch and dinner and that’s all….. THAT’S ALL!!!

We each ate 3 bowls of soup (about 6 cups). A quick calorie count based on the ingredients I used makes each bowl worth about 102 calories! We couldn’t face a fourth bowl. It was a NO from both of us! So we’ve had just over 300 calories today. That’s about the same as eating 3 Tbsps of peanut butter and nothing else!

*2000-2500 calories is suggested to maintain the current weight.*


How do you feel?

Um, kind of like…. I’m not stressed. I feel very mellow, it might be because I’m starving. I did read somewhere when you do these you might feel like that when your body is eating itself! *giggles from the lying down position on the couch*

What are you looking forward to?

Beer! Really want a beer! But right now all I can think about are eggs and chicken!

Do you want to go for a walk?

*mouths noooooooooo!’

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  • You’re going to be hungry, embrace it or you’ll go crazy!
  • Drink water…. lots and lots of it
  • Nothing lasts forever
  • The fog, learn to live in it for the day
  • Think it as a game, one you WILL win
  • Tomorrow is FOWL AND TOMATOES DAY!

TOMORROW is Fowl and Tomatoes Day….. Fowl and Tomatoes…… ALL DAY!

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