Did it work, did you drop a few pounds, did you cheat and did you poop your pants?! All very valid questions all with surprising answers!

Did it work?

Well that’s pretty vague but if ‘it’ was to test your self control and ability to pretty much starve yourself for a week then yes, yes ‘it’ did work!

Did you drop a few pounds? 

Anytime you reduce the amount of calories you put in compared to how many you actually use/need you’ll drop weight! My wife lost 10+lbs and I lost 6+lbs in 5 days. Is that healthy? No, probably not but wow if you had a wedding to go to and you wanted to drop a few pounds quickly and be miserable for the week before then this could be a plus.

Did you cheat?

No, we were hungry. I’ve been hungry before but never like this and there were no restrictions on how much of anything you could eat. But there’s only so much fruit you can eat, or cabbage soup…..omg that cabbage soup, all day. More often than not we were hungry going to bed and waking up but I’m guessing that was the point of the DEVIL’S DIET!

Did you poop your pants?

No, but it came close a few times. Imagine eating fruit all day and nothing else, it cleans you out. It cleans you out very well! It cleans you out multiple times. We even stocked up on extra toilet paper and air freshener because of the stories we’d heard. I’d suggesting being close to a toilet on certain days and watching that those sneaky farts are just that and not something more. No one wants something more!

The hardest part was being restricted to what we could eat, in a house full of good food one day we were restricted to just cabbage soup, another foul and tomatoes, that’s a mind f**k at the best of times! Then there was the hunger, it was real and my wife and I once had $40 to last us 40 days in South Korea so we know what hungry feels like, or maybe we’d forgotten!

Recently Updated

This isn’t a diet, this isn’t a sustainable life style, and it probably isn’t the healthiest idea we’ve had but it’ll teach yourself a lot about yourself and those around you. You’ll find everyone is suddenly an expert, even those ones shoveling pizza, beer and chips into their mouths as they give you their honest opinions and honest opinions from strangers are sometimes the funniest thing I’ve every read!

So could you do the DEVIL’S DIET?


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