We’re Hamish and Mandy Nelson, two people who when we we first started dating almost a decade ago people said we’d never last because we’d kill each other. 🙂
We are two incessantly perky, annoyingly curious people who trotted around the globe together for five years in Asia and Mexico prior to moving to America with our two dogs.

We then decided the world needed more incessantly perky, annoyingly curious people. So we had our son, Elmo McCoy (named after the Muppet and the doctor from Star Trek, respectively). He is 4 going on 50 and takes his parents’ crazy to a whole notha’ level. We also acquired a third dog along the way, because we weren’t tired enough. 

Over the years we have worked in education, business, dog training, travel writing, and owned a farm. We currently live in Arizona where Mandy is a #LadyBoss for a Fortune 50 Company and Hamish graciously agreed to stay home and be a #WarriorHomemaker and prove that Dads can be kick ass stay-at-home parents, too!

We’re doing this website to share our lives, our art and tips on food, family and fun. We hope you enjoy a peek behind the Nelson family curtain. Welcome to the crazy.

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