Thrifty Traditions

In the early years of creating a home we wanted to decorate but money was very tight, especially once Elmo came along. We especially love decorating for the holidays-and wanted our little guy to have some magical childhood memories. So one year we decided early in November to go to yard sales with a few... Continue Reading →

Egg Business!

Our little boy is super excited this morning! He has secured his first customer in his backyard chicken business and sold his first dozen eggs. One of the best  homeschool lessons we can give our son is to have backyard chickens. We combine biology, responsibility, economics and math all into one lesson.

Never Enough Time

I used to look at adults with jobs and kids and side hustles and wondered HOW in the world they found time for all of that. They must have wisdom, or a nanny, or really great wine on tap 24/7.

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